Third Thursday Presentation: Dr. Kim Stoner

Planting for the Bees’ Needs – Providing Habitat for Honey Bees and Wild Bees Did you know that Connecticut has 349 species of bees – and honey bees are only one species? Bees are important to us for producing honey and wax and pollinating our crops, and they also are important to the health of our environment, pollinating our native wild plants. We get many of our ideas about...
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Third Thursday: Michael Shay Presented Connecticut’s Yankee Division who fought in World War I at the Battle of Seicheprey.

Judge Shay talked about the Battle of Seicheprey in which the men of the 102nd Infantry, a National Guard Regiment, composed mostly of Connecticut men, distinguished themselves in an attack by a superior German force of more than five times their number. The 100th Anniversary of that fight on April 20, 2018. 
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Constitution of 1818