Office of the State Librarian

Office Of State Librarian

Photograph of Kendall Wiggin, State Librarian

Kendall F. Wiggin was appointed State Librarian in October 1998 becoming the 10th State Librarian in the 150 year history of the Connecticut State Library.

The State Librarian is appointed by the State Library Board and serves as the chief administrative officer of the Board. The State Librarian is the administrative office of the State Library and administers, coordinates, and supervises the Library. (C.G.S. Sec. 11-1).

 A graduate of the Simmons Graduate School of Library & Information Science, Mr. Wiggin has served as Connecticut State Librarian since October 1998.  Prior to arriving in Connecticut, Mr. Wiggin had worked in academic and public libraries in New Hampshire where he also served as State Librarian for eight years.  Over the past 16 years Mr. Wiggin has worked closely with the Association of Connecticut Library Boards, Connecticut Library Association, the Connecticut Library Consortium, the Friends of Connecticut Libraries, and others to advance library service to the citizens of Connecticut.


Mr. Wiggin has served on a variety of boards and commissions, including the Federal Depository Library Council and the OCLC Members Council.  Currently he serves on the Governor’s Executive Information Technology Strategy and Investment Committee, the Connecticut Civil War Commemoration Commission; the Commission on Educational Technology, the Connecticut History Online Management Committee; the Selection Committee for the Hale Award and is a member of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences.  He is active with the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA) where he serves as president. Mr. Wiggin has served the American Library Association in many capacities including as an ALA Councilor representing the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies and is a past chair of ALA’s Committee on Legislation and most recently served on the Nominating Committee and the Policy Revolution! Initiative:  Library Advisory Committee and the Committee on Legislation, LSTA Subcommittee. (Link to Resume)


The Connecticut State Library was established by an act of the Connecticut General Assembly in May 1854. Dr. James Hammond Trumbull was appointed the first State Librarian for Connecticut in that year. In its 150-year history there have been only 10 State Librarians. The collections were first kept in the State Houses in Hartford and New Haven and then in the present day Capitol. In 1910 they were relocated to the State Library and Supreme Court building in Hartford where they are housed today.

State Librarians

  • James H. Trumbull, 1854
  • Charles H. Hoadly, 1855–1900
  • George S. Godard, 1900–1936
  • James Brewster, 1936–1956
  • Robert C. Sale, 1957–1963
  • Walter Brahm, 1964–1975
  • Charles E. Funk Jr., 1975–1979
  • Clarence R. Walters, 1980–1986
  • Richard G. Akeroyd, 1986–1997
  • Kendall F. Wiggin, 1998-