Connecticut State Historical Records Advisory Board

The Connecticut State Historical Records Advisory Board (CT SHRAB) is a nineteen member board appointed by the governor. The National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), a funding arm of the National Archives, created the State Historical Records Advisory Boards (SHRAB) during the United States Bicentennial Celebration as part of a national effort to save and make accessible those documents upon which the rights of the People depend in a democracy as well as those necessary for the study and appreciation of American history. Federal Regulation (36 CFR 1206.41(a)) which established the NHPRC is the authority for the SHRABs.

The NHPRC awards grants for publication and records projects within the states and federal territories. Records projects help to identify and preserve archival records found in private and public institutions. The SHRABs assist NHPRC by evaluating grant applications from that particular state. NHPRC staff uses the board’s evaluations in its recommendations regarding grant projects to the NHPRC members.

CT SHRAB members represent records creators, records managers, users, and repositories that hold historical records. At least half must be practicing archivists. The only other qualification is that a member care deeply about the preservation of Connecticut’s historical records. Politics play no role in its recommendations.

Members are appointed by the Governor and serve three year terms. The State Archivist as the State Historical Records Coordinator serves as the board’s chair in perpetuity in order to qualify the state for federal grants. For more information on the state board and coordinator roles go to

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October is Connecticut Archives Month!

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List of Members

Lizette Pelletier – Coordinator
State Archivist
Connecticut State Library, Hartford

Betsy Pittman
University of Connecticut, Storrs

Barbara E. Austen
Digital Records Archivist
Connecticut State Library, Hartford

LeAnn Power
Public Records Administrator
Connecticut State Library, Hartford
Linda Hocking
Litchfield Historical Society, Litchfield

Dr. Jon E. Purmont
Southern Connecticut State University (emeritus)
West Haven, CT

Leith Johnson
Olin Library, Wesleyan University, Middletown

Allen Ramsey
Assistant State Archivist
Connecticut State Library, Hartford

Michael Lotstein
Head of University Archives
Yale University, New Haven

Dr. Bruce Stark
Lyme, CT
Elizabeth Mariotti
Godfrey Memorial Library, Middletown

John Van Epps
Connecticut Conference, United Church of Christ, Hartford

Dr. Wm. Frank Mitchell
Amistad Center for Arts & Culture, Hartford

 Dr. Walter Woodward
State Historian
Department of History, University of Connecticut-Hartford


NHPRC Grants Awarded to Connecticut 1976-present:
Since the mid-1970’s, many repositories in Connecticut have benefited from both historic publications and records program grants. In addition, the State Library has obtained grants on behalf of the CT SHRAB to carry out its statewide objectives. A list of all awarded grants is available at For more information on NHPRC and the types of grants that are available go to

Reports to the National Historical Publications Commission:
State National Archival Partnership (SNAP) Grant Final Narrative Report (2015). (PDF)
Litchfield Historical Society Basic Processing Grant (2011). (PDF)
Connecticut Historical Society (2010). (PDF)
Connecticut State Library. Improving the Management of Connecticut’s Historical Judicial Records: A Preservation/Access Project (2005). (PDF)
Conservation Survey County and Superior Court Records Litchfield and New London Counties (2004). (PDF)
Cooperation, Collaboration and Leadership: A Strategic Plan of the Connecticut State Historical Records Advisory Board (Hartford, 1996). (PDF)

For additional information, please contact:National Historical Publications and Records Commission logo
Lizette Pelletier, State Historical Records Coordinator
Connecticut State Library

Prepared by the State Archives, Connecticut State Library.