Office of the Public Records Administrator

Pursuant to the Connecticut General Statutes § 11-8(a), the Office of the Public Records Administrator [OPRA] is responsible for the design and implementation of a records management program for all state agencies within the executive department as well as for certain quasi-public agencies, and the towns, cities, boroughs, districts, and other political subdivisions of the state.

 This includes:

  • overseeing the life cycle of public records in both paper and electronic forms including creation, use, maintenance and disposition;
  • publishing records retention schedules;
  • keeping state and local government agencies informed about current records management issues and requirements through publication of manuals, policies, and guidelines;
  • developing standards for records creation in paper and electronic formats;
  • overseeing the disposition of all public records;
  • identifying and preserving records essential for the continuity of government operations during or immediately following a disaster or emergency situation;
  • publishing regulations regarding the construction of town record storage vaults; the creation of permanent land maps filed with town clerks; and real property electronic recording;
  • conducting the annual examination of land record indexes;
  • administering a grant program to municipalities to enhance or improve the preservation and management of local historic documents.

LeAnn Power is the Public Records Administrator.