Locating Connecticut Legislative History


Complete legislative histories begin with acts passed in 1953 and usually include both House & Senate proceedings. Public hearings extend further back to 1899 but some pre-1953 committees are unavailable. All legislative history material in the State Library’s collection can be legally cited and certified. Full text copies of compiled legislative histories can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. *Search our compiled histories by act number* (In addition to previously ordered histories, full-text is available from 2008-present)
  2. If you don’t find it in our database, please contact us via email, phone or chat to place your order. Or visit us in person. This gives you the advantage of reading through material and determining what you really need. Please see our policy on scanning/photocopying.

Please Note: 
The library maintains files of every bill introduced in the Connecticut General Assembly since 1911.  Earliest years encompass final versions only while files beginning in the 1970s may include substitute versions, file copies, amendments, as well as supplementary material like fiscal notes & constituent letters.  From the 1980s through the early 2000s, bill files may contain added testimony not added to bound transcript volumes in our collection.

Other Sources

The State Library and Judicial Branch Law Libraries have legislative histories from 1980 to the present on microfiche. 

The Connecticut General Assembly search page offers full-text transcripts of House and Senate proceedings and Committee public hearings from 1988 to the present online. *Please note that these documents are not paginated, indexed, or in some instances may not include submitted testimony.  Submitted testimony for the public hearings is not available prior to 1999. 

Consult the Judicial Branch’s step-by-step tutorial for self-paced  instruction on how to effectively access these online transcripts.

Connecticut Constitutional Amendment Legislative Histories

Landmark Legislative Histories

Separately prepared volumes contain compiled legislative histories on select landmark Connecticut legislation.  In addition to the complete official transcripts, these volumes include:

  • Act summaries
  • Glossary of terms
  • Relevant supporting material from the Permanent Bill File Archive and the State Documents Collection.

Digital versions currently available: