State Library Board

State Library Board

Board Members

State Library Board Members (as of  10/5/18)

Ms. Mary Etter – CHAIR
South Windsor, CT

Ms. Sandy Ruoff – VICE CHAIR
Guilford, CT

Mr. John N. Barry
Southington, CT

Ms. Dianna Wentzell
Commissioner, Department of Education

Ms. Diane Brown
Hamden, CT

Mr. Allen Hoffman
West Hartford, CT

Mr. Robert Harris
Woodbridge, CT

Ms. Alison Clemens
New Haven, CT

Honorable Michael R. Sheldon
Judge of the Appellate Court

Honorable Andrew J. McDonald
Justice of the Supreme Court

Composition of the Board

The State Library Board consists of:

  • Chief Justice of the Supreme court or designee
  • Chief Court Administrator or designee
  • Commissioner of Education or designee
  • Five members who are appointed by the Governor, one of whom shall be an experienced librarian, one of whom shall be an experienced archivist and one of whom shall be an experienced museum professional
  • One member each appointed by the president pro tempore of the Senate, the minority leader of the Senate, the speaker of the House of Representatives and the minority leader of the House
    The terms of appointed members are coterminous with the term of their appointing authority.

The State Librarian, who serves as the chief administrative officer of the Board, is appointed by the Board.

The State Library Board determines policy for the State Library and provides for the supervision of the State Library by a State Librarian appointed by the Board. The State Library Board is within the Department of Education for administrative purposes only.

Minutes & Reports

Statutory Authority:

Statutory Charge and Responsibilities

Section 11-1 of the Connecticut General Statutes assigns to the Board responsibility for:

  • the supervision of the State Library by a State Librarian
  • planning for state-wide library service, other than for school libraries
  • maximum state participation in federal aid for public libraries
  • establishing standards for principal public libraries
  • appointing an advisory council for library planning and development
  • instituting and conducting programs of state-wide library service
  • maintaining the state’s principal law library
  • maintaining a library service for the blind and other persons with disabilities
  • planning and developing the Connecticut Digital Library
  • making construction grants to public libraries
  • creating and maintaining the official state archives
  • programs for library development and reader services
  • operating the Raymond E. Baldwin Museum of Connecticut History and Heritage.

Under the direction of the State Library Board, the State Librarian is responsible for developing and directing a public records management program.

The State Library Board approves rules and regulations for the state publications depository library system, the retention, destruction and transfer of documents; the Connecticard program; and statewide library programs.

The State Library Board administers a $14 million annual budget and provides leadership and support services to Connecticut’s 169 public libraries.