Agostini, Louis

All that is known about Louis Agostini is that he worked for the predecessor to the WPA Federal Arts Project known as the Public Works Arts Program. He completed at least six paintings, most of them in 1936. His paintings were allocated to the Laurel Heights Sanatorium, the State Teacher’s College in New Haven, and Milford High School in Milford, Connecticut. The work at the high school was a 140 square feet oil on canvass mural panel entitled They Shall Pass this Way but Once. Agostini’s birth and death dates are unknown.

Source: WPA Artist’s Work Card

Louis Agostini

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Louis Agostini:

Flowers: watercolor
Old Red Barn: watercolor
Through the Window: oil
They Shall Pass this Way but Once: oil on canvas
Landscape: watercolor fresco panel
Pink Hibiscus: watercolor
Agostini, Louis