Lyons, Matthew

Lyons, Matthew (1911-1972?)

Matthew Lyons completed 48 easels for the WPA, though 43% of these were rejected or returned to the artist. He lived in Bridgeport, Connecticut during his tenure with the project from 1938 to 1939.

 Sources: WPA Artist’s Work Card; Social Security Death Index

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Matthew Lyons:

Still Life- House: oil
Breakfast: oil
A Project: oil
The Red Wagon: oil
Still Life- Fruit: oil
The Choir: oil
The Bus: oil
Bridgeport Harbor: oil
Street Work: oil
By the Roadside: oil
Boat Dump: oil
The Sisters: oil
Rural Estate: oil
The Fisher Man: oil
Apple Orchard: oil
The Park: watercolor
Grasmere: watercolor
Beardsley Park: oil
Speed: oil
The Pond: oil
Side Road: oil
Card Game: oil
Long Hill: oil
The Deer: oil
Over the Fence: oil
The Swing Band: oil
Kitchen Scene: oil
The Slums: oil
Mother and Child: oil
The Night Watchman: oil
Snow: oil
The Shovelers: oil
Man in Rowboat: oil
The Coal Yard: oil
On the Grindstone: oil
The Red Wheelbarrow: oil
Interior: oil
The Rainy Day: oil
Spring: oil
At Seaside: oil
In the Workshop: oil
The Bridge or Parkway Bridge: watercolor
The Old House: oil
Boats: oil
The Bridge: oil
Parkway Bridge: watercolor
At Seaside: oil
Work Camp: watercolor
Lyons, Matthew