Lagana, Philip

Lagana, Filippo (1896-1963)

The sculptor Filippo Lagana, also known as Philip Lagana, was born on April 27, 1896, in Italy. He was a graduate of the Beaux Arts Institute of Design. He came to live in Darien, Connecticut. Lagana was a member of the Darien Guild of Seven Arts and the Silvermine Guild of Artists. His portrait, Clarence Roe, is in the Pennsylvania Museum of Art. He worked for the Public Works of Art Project. Under its successor, the WPA Federal Arts Project, he taught adult education classes in Stamford and created 6 bas reliefs. Lagana died in 1963.

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Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Philip Lagana:

Teaching at the Adult Education Classes, Stamford, Conn.:  
Nathan Hale (bas relief): plaster
Harriet Beecher Stowe (relief): plaster
Abraham Lincoln (bas relief): plaster
Thomas Edison (bas relief): plaster
Edgar Allen Poe (bas relief): plaster
Teaching at the Adult Education Classes, Stamford, Conn.:  
George Washington (bas relief): plaster
Lagana, Philip