Kelsey, Luman P.

Kelsey, Luman P. (1906-?)

Luman P. Kelsey was born in Denver, Colorado in 1906. He studied art in high school and attended a private school. Prior to the Depression he was a portrait photographer. In 1931 he wed Dorothea Story and moved to North Canton, Connecticut. Totally self-taught, Kelsey started a ceramics studio and kiln of his own in 1934. Before working for the WPA Federal Arts Project, he made pottery for the Public Works of Art Project. For the WPA he created over 600 pieces of hand made pottery in just two years. As a result of the wide distribution, he was known as one of the foremost ceramics artists in Connecticut. He was on the Board of Directors of the Gallery of the Canton Artists Guild, Inc. when it opened in August 1960. Kelsey’s date of death is unknown, though it may have been between August 1960 and October 1961.


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Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Luman Kelsey:

11 Pieces of Pottery: clay
16 Pieces of Pottery: clay
2 Vases: clay
2 Pieces of Pottery: clay
4 Vases Pottery:  
3 Pieces of Pottery:  
2 Vases 2 Porcelain Cats:  
1 Vase:  
3 Pieces of Pottery:  
1 Horse 4 Vases 1 Cat 1Madonna 1 Elephant:  
Elephant: clay
1 Horse 1 Fish 1 pair Vassels 1 pair goat heads 1 pair goats: clay
heads blue, 2 small vases, 1 pair of elephants, 1 pair of cats, 1 pair horses: clay
5 vases:  
12 vases:  
Approx. 800 Pieces of Pottery:  
3 Ducks:  
2 Ceramic Seals:  
Kelsey, Luman P.