Keeler, Louis Bertrand Rolston

Keeler, Louis Bertrand Rolston (1882-?)

Rolston Keeler was born November, 1882, in New York City. He studied at the National Academy of Design for five years and for one season at the Chase School. He moved to Connecticut in 1928. He was one of the most prolific painters for the Connecticut WPA Federal Arts Project, creating 276 watercolors of Connecticut landscapes, 33 pencil sketches, 45 oils, and two mural panels.  Keeler’s date of death is unknown.

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Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Louis Keeler:

Still Life: watercolor
Fairchild’s Barn: watercolor
Bottle and Onions: watercolor
Still Life and Drapery: watercolor
Jugs and Lemons: watercolor
Wine Bottle and Jug: watercolor
Aged Barns: watercolor
Cat and Mouse: watercolor
Still Life Study: watercolor
Autumn Promenade: watercolor
Sunlit Roofs: watercolor
The Bathing Beach: watercolor
Yacht Yard: watercolor
The White Schooner: watercolor
Jug with Apples: watercolor
Bit of Cape Ann: watercolor
Net Reels Gloucester: watercolor
Fishing Village, Winter: oil
Fish Shed Gloucester: watercolor
Farm Lane: pencil
The White House: pencil
Barns: watercolor
A June Shower: watercolor
Flickering Shadows: watercolor
East Wind: watercolor
Wayside Gas Station: watercolor
Apple Tree-Sketch: watercolor
June: watercolor
In Back of the Barns: watercolor
The House Lane: watercolor
Summer Flowers: watercolor
A Connecticut By-Way: watercolor
Storm Clouds Evening: watercolor
Hauled Out at Blackrock: watercolor
The Wine Bottle Still Life: watercolor
On the Farm: watercolor
Still Life #1: watercolor
Sunlight Study: watercolor
Gruman’s Farm: watercolor
April: watercolor
Abandoned Factory: watercolor
Tree Arabesque: pencil
Budding Willow: watercolor
Rowing Home: watercolor
Early Morning: Norwalk Harbor: watercolor
The Gravel Works: watercolor
A Stone Culvert: watercolor
Connecticut Willow: watercolor
The Yachts: watercolor
Snow Scene: watercolor
Barnyard: watercolor
Brook: watercolor
The Haystack: watercolor
Barnyard in Autumn: watercolor
Red Barn in Winter: watercolor
Snowy Backyard: watercolor
Hill Pasture: watercolor
Along the Docks of Gloucester: watercolor
Lobster Boats Annisguam: watercolor
Old Dwelling: pencil
Up in the Hills: watercolor
After the Snow: watercolor
Head of the Valley Winter: watercolor
White Fields: watercolor
The Yachts: watercolor
Rocks and Surf: watercolor
Ice, Sleet and Snow: watercolor
Village Barns in Snow: watercolor
Thawing: watercolor
Morning After Snow: watercolor
A Winter Twilight: watercolor
Topsy Turvy Farm: watercolor
Grumman’s in Snow: watercolor
The Open Doors: pencil
The Farm Wagon: watercolor
March Clouds: watercolor
Barns- November: watercolor
Judd’s Farm: watercolor
The White Barns: watercolor
Bare Trees: watercolor
Across the Fields: watercolor
A Brook: watercolor
Fallow Land: watercolor
The Pink Barn: watercolor
Winter Scene: oil
Still Life: oil
Winter Solitude: watercolor
The Red Barn: watercolor
January Hills: watercolor
Signs of Snow: watercolor
Snow Shadows: watercolor
Snow: watercolor
The Back Yard- Winter: watercolor
Judd’s Lane: watercolor
The Snow at Rockwell’s: watercolor
Backyard Winter: watercolor
Last of the Snow: watercolor
Hill Pasture or The Hill Farm – Winter: watercolor
A Corner of the Farm: pencil
Snow Laden: watercolor
A Connecticut Silo: watercolor
The Green Farm House: watercolor
The Bull Pen: watercolor
The Marsh Brook: watercolor
Spring: watercolor
Barn Doors: watercolor
Bare Trees: pencil
A Connecticut Farm: watercolor
Abandoned Quarry: watercolor
Grumann’s Farm: watercolor
The Hayrick Evening: watercolor
A Connecticut Woodshed: watercolor
Sun Porch Sketch: watercolor
Barn Yard, Study: watercolor
Group of Buildings: pencil
Bethel Farm: watercolor
Stony Lane: watercolor
A Sultry Day or Farm Scene: watercolor
The Farm Road: watercolor
Across the Fields: watercolor
Afternoon Light: watercolor
Haystacks: watercolor
Evening Shadows: watercolor
Beckett’s Farm: sepia pencil
The Farm Road: watercolor
The House and Tree: watercolor
October: watercolor
The Swollen Stream: watercolor
Woodland Clearing: watercolor
Woodland Clearing 2: watercolor
November Hillside: watercolor
Study in Grays: watercolor
The Dead Tree: watercolor
The Dark Pool: watercolor
Study of a Gravel Pit: watercolor
Farm Buildings: watercolor
Sweeping Evening Shadows: watercolor
Storm Clouds: sepia pencil
The Old Barn: sepia pencil
The Silo: pencil
In the Barnyard: pencil
The Ravine: watercolor
The White Farm House: watercolor
The Cattle Shed: watercolor
Winter Shadows: watercolor
Beckett’s Hayricks: watercolor
The Farm: watercolor
Late Shadows- August: watercolor
The Hayrick: watercolor
The Waning Year: watercolor
The Farm in Rain: sepia pencil
The Farm Lane: watercolor
Clouds: watercolor
Farm Buildings: watercolor
Boats: pencil
Winter Afternoon: watercolor
Benedict Home: pencil drawing
Grey Day Spring: watercolor
Benedict Barns- Morning Shadows: watercolor
Sun and Shadow: pencil drawing
Chimneys: pencil drawing
Sunlight on the Old House: pencil drawing
Barnyard Corner: watercolor
Neighboring Farm: oil
Spring- The Grey Barn: watercolor
Barn Shadows: watercolor
Uplands: watercolor
Against the Light: pencil drawing
High Noon: oil
Barn Group: pencil drawing
A New York Street: oil
On the Farm: pencil
In the Glen: watercolor
Derelicts: watercolor
Flower Study: oil
May Benedict Home-built 1760: pencil
Flower Study: oil
The Ship: oil
Italian Boats-Gloucester: watercolor
Path on the Farm-Redding: watercolor
Flowers: oil
The Barn in Spring: watercolor
The Garden Path: watercolor
Gloucester Boats: watercolor
Farm Lane: watercolor
Sun & Shadow: watercolor
Little Old House: watercolor
Snow Scene: oil
March Clouds: watercolor
Backyard: watercolor
Rear of an Old House: watercolor
The Grey House: watercolor
Barns & Silo: watercolor
March Sunlight: watercolor
Snow: oil
Winter Meadows: oil
Meadow Lane: oil
Blue Day: oil
Winter Road: oil
Tenements: oil
A Grey Barn: watercolor
Snow on the Barn: watercolor
Boats-Gloucester: watercolor
Snow: watercolor
The Little Valley: oil
Next Door in Snow: oil
Evening Sky: oil
Snow Patches: oil
Blue Shadows: oil
March Meadows and Hills: oil
The Little Shed: oil
Barns: pencil
Barns: pencil
March the Brook: watercolor
The Valley: watercolor
An Old Timer: watercolor
Snow and the Valley: watercolor
End of Snow: watercolor
Winter Afternoon: watercolor
The Snow: watercolor
The Valley: watercolor
The Foothills: watercolor
April at Mayhews: oil
The Old Red Barn: watercolor
The Lighthouse: watercolor
The Weed Barns: watercolor
The Clouded Sun.: watercolor
Spring Grays: watercolor
Spring: watercolor
Wagon Wheels: watercolor
The White Gate: watercolor
Ferris Barns: watercolor
Snow: oil
Winter Meadows: oil
Meadow Lane: oil
Blue Day: oil
Winter Road: oil
Tenements: oil
A Grey Barn: watercolor
Snow on the Barn: watercolor
Boats Gloucester: watercolor
Snow: watercolor
The Little Valley: oil
Next door in Snow: oil
Evening Sky: oil
Snow Patches: oil
Blue Shadows: oil
March Meadows and Hills: oil
The Little Shed: oil
Barns: pencil
Barns: pencil
The White Barn: watercolor
Somewhere in Connecticut: watercolor
Cloudy Sundown: watercolor
Last of the Snow: watercolor
The Parking Lot: watercolor
Summer Sunlight: watercolor
Jansen’s Place: watercolor
Sun and Shade: watercolor
The Long Shed: watercolor
The Clipper: oil
Old Wagon Shed: oil
The Square Rigger: oil
Afternoon surf- Cape Ann: oil
In the Yard: watercolor
#26: watercolor
The Lean To: watercolor
Somewhere in Stamford: watercolor
The Wheelbarrow: watercolor
Barnyard Ruts: watercolor
A Hill Farm: watercolor
Fish Sheds and Boats: watercolor
The Neighboring Farm: oil
A Chardin- Still Life: oil
Snowy Backyard: watercolor
Ship: oil
Flowers: oil
Groton Citizens: oil
Winthrop and the Indians: oil
Connecticut Country: watercolor
The Fodder Stack: watercolor
The Big Tree: watercolor
Weed’s Place: watercolor
Sheds December: watercolor
Barn Silhouette: watercolor
Chilly Day: watercolor
December Meadows: watercolor
McKay’s Fields: watercolor
The Neighbors House: watercolor
Quiet Morning: pencil
Sheds: pencil
Black Rock- Afternoon: oil
Black Rock- Morning: oil
Salt Water Marsh- Norwalk: oil
Still River- Danbury: litho-pencil
Rocks and the Lighthouse: watercolor
The Tenement: watercolor
Barns at Afternoon: watercolor
Drying Sails: watercolor
Barns and Clouds: watercolor
Italian Fishing Boats: watercolor
Corner of an Old Kitchen- Night: watercolor
Against the Light: watercolor
Trawlers and Seine Boats: watercolor
Farm Buildings: watercolor
Reflections- Gloucester: oil
Chill Wind: watercolor
Corner of the Field: watercolor
Sheds in Snow: watercolor
Barns: watercolor
Boats and Snow: watercolor
Lifting Fog: watercolor
Becalmed: watercolor
Abandoned: watercolor
An Old Ice Shed: watercolor
Boats: watercolor
Lonely House: watercolor
Temperature Zero: watercolor
Keeler, Louis Bertrand Rolston