Woodson, Rodney

Woodson, Rodney (1895-?)

Rodney Woodson was born in Baldwin, Louisiana on July 6, 1895. He attended public schools in San Antonio, Texas; Oyster Bay, New York; and Norwalk, Connecticut; and high schools in New York City, Oyster Bay, and Meriden, Connecticut. He moved to Connecticut in 1909. Woodson studied art under Ms. Temple of Oyster Bay, and Ms. Lila C. Yale in Meriden. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Yale School of Fine Arts and studied art in Paris. Woodson won the John Ferguson Weir Scholarship in 1920 and the Beaux Art Medals in 1919, 1922, and 1923. At the time he worked for the WPA Federal Arts Project he was living in West Haven, Connecticut. He completed 31 watercolors and oils under the WPA. Woodson’s date of death is unknown.


Source: WPA Biography.

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Rodney Woodson:

The Water Spout: watercolor
Houses by the Shore: oil
Wheelbarrow: oil
Hollyhocks: oil
Wall & Wash: oil
The Garden Path: oil
Trees: oil
Any Street: oil
Flowers: oil
Still Life- Ivy: oil
Picnicking by the Sea: oil
Cedars: oil
Oil Lamp & Butter Ladle: oil
The Chimney: oil
Columbus: watercolor
Still Life- Pitcher & Fruit: oil
Sail Boat: oil
Still Life- Impression: oil
House on a Rock: oil
Indian Paint Pots and Shawl: watercolor
Landscape: watercolor
Old Houses: watercolor
Horse and Buggy: watercolor
Pitchers: watercolor
Mayflower and Sugar Bowl: watercolor
Toby: watercolor
Decorative Landscape: watercolor
Locomotive: watercolor
Old Planes: watercolor
Covered Wagon: watercolor
Silver Cup: watercolor
Lincoln’s Home: watercolor
Lake George: watercolor
Shoes: watercolor
Hobamack the Friendly Guide: watercolor
Squanto, The Puritan’s Friend: watercolor
Huck and Tom and Raft: watercolor
Melting Snow: watercolor
Last Year’s Christmas: oil
Spring: oil
Home from the Farm: oil
Flowers: oil
Cottage Window: oil
Old Woman: oil
Early Morning: watercolor
The Miller: oil
To Town: oil
The Builder: watercolor
Her Family: watercolor
Ships: watercolor
Fifi at Lunch: watercolor
Pitchers: watercolor
The Antonio: watercolor
Sydenham Tea Pot: watercolor
Abraham Lincoln’s Bust: watercolor
Greek Vase: watercolor
The News: oil
Nantucket Shore: oil
Farmington River: oil
Outpost: oil
Autumn: oil
In the Pequots Country: oil
Berkshire Hills: oil
Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe: oil
Late Summers: oil
West Wind: oil
Man with a Hoe: oil
Indian Paint Pots & Shaw:  
Woodson, Rodney