Volume XXI (1821-1822) of The Public Records of the State of Connecticut is now available for purchase

The State Library announces the publication of the next volume in the Public Records of the State of Connecticut series with funding from the Historic Documents Preservation Fund.

Volume 21 covers the legislative sessions of 1821 and 1822, which witnessed many significant developments: the compilation of a new state legal code; militia reorganization; the reduction of the state’s Congressional delegation from seven to six; and the ending of a tax exemption on the property of clergymen. The state’s developing commercial economy took center stage during these years. The easing of the economic recession, triggered by the Panic of 1819, released economic energy, which was manifested in a variety of legislative actions including the passage of a retaliatory act against New York’s steamboat monopoly and the incorporation of the state’s first canal companies. An 1822 act on “limited partnerships” provided a mechanism for entrepreneurs to generate more capital for their enterprises leading to a vigorous renewal of business incorporations.

The cost is $35.00 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling per volume for orders shipped to Connecticut addresses. A limited number of earlier volumes are also available at a discounted price of $25.00 plus shipping and handling.  To order volume 21 and earlier volumes please complete this order form and return to the address with a check.  For shipping costs for out-of-state addresses please contact State Archivist Lizette Pelletier at lizette.pelletier@ct.gov.