Thwing, Francis

Thwing, Francis (1884-1967)

Francis Thwing was born on the July 27, 1884. He painted three murals for the WPA Federal Arts Project at the Newington Home for Crippled Children, the Children’s Village, and Kinsella School in Hartford. Thwing died in May of 1967 in Maine.

 Sources: WPA Artist’s Work Card; Social Security and Death Index; “Mural to Hang at Newington Home for Crippled Children,” Hartford, Courant, September 16, 1937.

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Francis Thwing:

Elephant Act “Circus Midway”: oil
Aesop’s Fables: oil
Jungle Animals, Circus and North American Animals: oil on plaster
Forest Scene:  
Thwing, Francis