Smith, Phillip

Smith, Phillip (?)

Phillip Smith lived in Hartford, Connecticut and worked for the WPA Federal Arts Project from December 5, 1935, to April 15, 1938. Nine of his works were for the Index of American Design. All of his other paintings were allocated to places in Hartford. He painted six panels of a mural on sports for the Pope Park Community Center, three panels on nursery rhymes for the Henry Dwight School, and Dance of theChildren for Southwest School. The dates of Smith’s birth and death are unknown.


Source: WPA Artist’s Work Card.

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Phillip Smith:

Preserve Jar in Yellow Ship: watercolor & crayon
Jar with Yellow Brown Glaze with Splashes: watercolor & crayon
Bowl Circa 1825: watercolor & crayon
Black Pitcher 1800: watercolor & crayon
Meat Dish Rectangular: watercolor & crayon
Flower Pot Holder: watercolor & crayon
Small Vase: watercolor & crayon
Jar: watercolor & crayon
Tennis: oil
Summer Sports: oil
Water Sports: oil
Winter Sports: oil
Playing Hopscotch: oil
Playing Marbles: oil
Dance of the Children: oil
Cat and the Fiddle: oil on canvas
Three Little Pigs: oil on canvas
Round the Mulberry Bush: oil on canvas
Nativity Set:  
Tom Tom the Piper’s Son:  
Greta and the Ducks:  
Over the Tree Tops:  
A Boy and a Girl:  
Smith, Phillip