Skidmore, Arba

Skidmore, Arba R.(?)

Arba Skidmore was born in Brooklyn, New York. He attended the Mohegan Lake School in New York and the Brookline High School in Brookline, Massachusetts. Before becoming an artist, he worked as a salesman for Chase and Sanborn for several years. Skidmore left this job to study art at the Art Students League in New York for one year before World War One. After the war he attended evening classes at the League for three years. He began work in the field of commercial art and did art work and production for Remington Fire Arms Company and created freelance illustrations for magazines for three years. During the Depression Skidmore lived in Westport, Connecticut. He first worked for the Public Works of Art Project and then for the WPA Federal Arts Project, creating 51 works of art, mainly enlargements of insects. His works were allocated to Westport Elementary Schools, Undercliff Sanatorium, Stratford High School, Portland High School, Middlesex County Temporary Home, Fairfield State Hospital, Undercliff Sanatorium, Whittlesey Avenue School in Wallingford, Norwich State Hospital, and Long Lane Farm. The dates of Skidmore’s birth and death are unknown.

Source: WPA Artist’s WPA Biography.

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Arba Skidmore:

Aesop’s Fables:  
Nature Paintings:  
Black Swallow Tail: tempera
Buckeye: gouache
Grasshopper: gouache
Cricket: gouache
Sphinx Moth: gouache
Tiger Moth: gouache
Stag Beetle: gouache
Rose Bug: gouache
Cicada: gouache
Japanese Beetle: gouache
Diana Butterfly (male): gouache
Diana Butterfly (female): gouache
Buck Moth: gouache
Long Tailed Skipper: gouache
Papilic Mylotes (male): tempera
European Social Wasp: tempera
Spotted Beetle (Pelidnota Punctata): tempera
Luna Moth: tempera
Beetle of Borneo: tempera
Delila Butterfly: tempera
Zebra Swallowtail: tempera
2 Rose Bugs: tempera
Stag Beetle: tempera
Rose Bug: tempera
Cicada: tempera
Diana Fritillary (male butterfly): tempera
Long tailed Skipper: tempera
Delila Butterfly: tempera
Papilio Mylotes (male): tempera
Spotted Beetle (Pelidnota Punctata): tempera
European Social Wasp: tempera
The Grasshopper: tempera
Cricket: tempera
Buck Moth: tempera
Stag Beetle: tempera
Japanese Beetle: tempera
Nevada Buck Moth: tempera
Red Admiral Butterfly: tempera
Cabbage Butterfly: tempera
Clouded Sulphur Butterfly: tempera
Atala Butterfly: tempera
Tersa Sphinx: tempera
Rose Bug: tempera
Grayling Butterfly: tempera
Devil’s George: watercolor
Garden Pool: watercolor
Bossy: tempera
Foxhound: tempera
Puss: tempera
Nature Studies (Nature Paintings? See Above.): gouache
Skidmore, Arba