Shellhase, George

Shellhase, George M. (1895-1988)

George Shellhase was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1899. He attended the Industrial Art School and Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts and the Art Students League in New York City. He came to New York City in 1916. He was an illustrator-cartoonist and had his work published in the New York Evening Post the New York Herald Tribune. He enlisted in the Army in 1917, serving in the AIR EXPEDITIONARY FORCE. After the war he was a regular contributor to theNew Yorker and, Colliers, Esquire, Cosmopolitan for the rest of his life. While working in the WPA Shellhase resided in Rowayton, CT. He completed around 58 paintings. In fact, he was known for his watercolors as well as his cartoons. He taught drawing and painting at the New England School of Arts in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Shellhase died in a nursing home in Ocean Ridge, Florida at the age of 93.


Sources: WPA Artist’s Work Card; WPA Biography; AskART under the surname “Shellbase;” Fielding’s Dictionary of American Painters, (1987), p. 846. There are innumerable articles about Shellhase and showing his cartoons in the New York Times. The author has chosen to cite “Group Art Shows on List this Week,” October 21, 1935; and his obituary, December 16, 1988.

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from George Shellhase:

Boats, Rowayton: watercolor
Clam Pickers: watercolor
Up for the Winter: watercolor
The Kibitzer: tempera
Halloween: watercolor
Eel Fisherman: tempera
Easter: watercolor
Four Easter Candy Toys: pastel
South Beach Staten Island: oil
Seven Assorted Sketches: crayon, watercolor, pencil
Cutting the Jack O’Lantern: watercolor
Winter Bound House: watercolor
Bucks County Farm House: watercolor
Art Class: watercolor
Road to the Boat Shop: watercolor
Eastertide: watercolor
Along the River Winter: watercolor
Sorting Clams: watercolor
Chicken Shed: watercolor
Old Wharf: tempera
Norwalk Symphony in Rehearsal: tempera
Woodchopper: tempera
Praise de Lawd: tempera
Summertime: watercolor
Swimming- Rowayton Beach: watercolor
Fireworks Tent: watercolor
Fisherman’s Return: watercolor
Old Pier: watercolor
Fishing Boat: watercolor
Barns in Winter: tempera
Wading Pool: watercolor
Smith’s Bungalow: watercolor
Hickory Bluff Store: watercolor
Boat Skeleton: watercolor
Haunted House: watercolor
Lobster Boat: watercolor
Zinnias: watercolor
Old Powder Mill: watercolor
Auto Graveyard: watercolor
Potted Fern: tempera
Autumn: watercolor
Halloween Party: watercolor
House on the Hill: watercolor
Christmas Shopping: watercolor
Art Among the Furniture: watercolor
Christmas Parade: watercolor
Window Shoppers: watercolor
Child Reading: watercolor
Child with Baby Doll: watercolor
Young Artist: watercolor
Decorators: watercolor
Interior: oil
Young Carpenter: watercolor
Iron Stove: watercolor
February Weather: watercolor
Concrete Mixers: watercolor
Seared Hill: watercolor
Beached Boats: watercolor
The Woodshed: watercolor
Fireside Group: watercolor
Shellhase, George