Schork, Joseph

Schork, Joseph C. (1902-?)

Joseph C. Schork was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1902. At the age of 15 he became an errand boy at the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in New Haven, Connecticut. He attended the Winchester Trade School and became a machinist. He also attended classes at the New Haven Evening High School. Schork received three years of private instruction in art from Herman Sodersen. With money he saved up from his job as a machinist, he entered the Yale School of Fine Arts in 1926. He attended Yale for five years before graduating in 1931 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. For several years he assisted a number of prominent artists and architects with large mural commissions. During the Depression Shork first worked for the Public Works of Art Project and then moved on to the WPA Federal Arts Project, completing 22 works. They were allocated to Hamden High School, Mansfield State Hospital, Meriden High School, Columbus School, Yalesville School, Middlesex County Temporary Home, Cedarcrest Sanatorium, Kimberly Avenue School, Fairfield State Hospital, Nathan Hale School, Laurel Heights Sanatorium, the Consolidated School, Norwich State Hospital, Redding Hill School, Long Lane Farm, Senate Office Building, Mansfield State Hospital, and the Quinnipiac Council Boy Scouts. Shork’s date of death is unknown.


Source: WPA Artist’s Work Card; WPA Biography.

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Joseph Schork:

History of Hamden: oil
Animals & Landscape (2 panels): oil
Heroes of American History: oil
Arts and Sciences (2 panels): oil
Directing Scene Painting (landscape) A Backdrop: oil
Branford Point: oil
Marine: oil
Rocky Shore: oil
Stormy Sea: oil
Backyard Study: oil
Breakers: oil
Clouds: oil
Old House: watercolor
Across the Cove: watercolor
Misty Morn: oil
Sunny Beach: oil
Racing Waves: oil
Summer Frolic: oil
Early Morning Along Shore: oil
Wind and Tide: oil
Fisherman’s Wharf: oil
Clam Diggers: oil
March: oil
Trout Stream: oil
Boats: watercolor
Evening #13: oil
Around the Bend #14: oil
Wind and Surf or Wind and Tide: oil
Squall New Haven Harbor: oil
Wild Animal Life (assisted Rutkoski): oil
Boy Scouts: oil on board
Boatyard: oil
Murals: Wild Animal Life:  
Mural Decoration: oil
Schork, Joseph