Schlichting, Heinrich

Schlichting, Heinrich Carl (1895-1984?)

Heinrich Schlichting was born in Germany in 1895. Little is known about his life. He first worked for the Public Works of Art Project and then joined the WPA Federal Arts Project in November of 1935 and painted 12 easel works and one mural. His work was allocated to schools in Stamford: Stamford High School, Springdale School, Willard School, Center School, and Hart School. Schlichting may have died in Boca Raton, Florida in April of 1984.


Sources: WPA Artist’s Work Card; Social Security Death Index; Obituary of William Schlichting, Hartford Courant, December 5, 1973.

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Heinrich Schlichting:

The Eternal Task of Youth (26 panels): oil
Blowing Bubbles: oil
Portrait Mrs. Hoyt: oil
Falling Wind: oil
Man’s Conquest of Fire: oil
Green Fog: oil
Sunfish: oil
Oriole: oil
Catbird: oil
Gray Squirrel: oil
Cottontail: oil
Feathered Friends: oil
Flowering Dogwood: oil on plaster
Colonial Mural: oil
Schlichting, Heinrich