Rutkoski, Frank

Rutkoski, Frank J. (1905-2000?)

Frank Rutkoski began work for the WPA Federal Arts Project on November 20, 1935. Prior to that, he had worked on the Public Works of Art Project. He completed eight murals and 13 easel works for the WPA. One mural is about the Amistad captives and can be seen at Troup Junior High School in New Haven. Other works are at Bethlehem School, Newington Jr. High School, Mansfield State Hospital, and New Britain High School. Later in life Rutkowski taught art classes. His dates of birth and death are unknown, though the Social Security Death Index lists a Frank J. Rutkoski born on February 22, 1905, who died on November 24, 2000, in New Haven, Connecticut.


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Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Frank Rutkoski:

Landscape: oil
Landing of Pilgrims: oil
Boston Tea Party: oil
Landing of Columbus: oil
Washington in Command of the Continental Army: oil
Scenic Backdrop: oil
Patrick Henry’s Speech: oil
Drafting the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut: oil
Fall: oil
Cheshire Road: oil
Lighthouse Point: oil
Spring Plowing: oil
Red Barn: oil
Assisted DeMaio in History of Hamden: oil
Assisted Schork on Wild Animal Life: oil on plaster
Heroes of American History (with Schork): oil on canvas
The Amistad Captives: oil on canvas
They Shall Pass This Way but Once (Design by Agostini): oil on canvas
Ten Founders of Yale: oil on canvas
American History Panel #1: oil on canvas
American Industry Panel #2: oil on canvas
Treasure Island: oil
Rutkoski, Frank