Rummler, Alexander

Rummler, Alexander J. (1867-1959)

Alexander Rummler was born in Dubuque, Iowa in 1867. He received his high school education at Iowa private schools. He studied in Detroit, Michigan, and at the Art Students League in New York City. In 1892 he married. In 1906 he studied at the Academie Julian in Paris with Jean Paul Laurens. Rummler was a member of the Salmagundi Club and the Silvermine Guild of Artists in New Canaan, Connecticut. While studying art, he earned a living through commercial illustration. He was a realist artist. In 1939 he exhibited at the New York World’s Fair. Rummler served as the City Treasurer of Norwalk, Connecticut, and his wife was important in local Republican politics, serving in 1929 as the first female member of the Norwalk City Council. For the Federal Arts Project, Rummler completed over 1,000 square feet of murals at the Norwalk High School on the subject of the local oyster industry. In 1942 Rummler and his wife moved to Stamford where he died on March 13, 1959.

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Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Alexander Rummler:

General View of Oyster Houses:  
Sky & Sea Gulls (connecting panel over door):  
Oyster Dredging:  
Packing Room:  
Shell Pile:  
Shell Pile:  
Oyster Shuckers:  
Mopping for Starfish:  
Dairy Farm:  
Calf Pasture Beach:  
The Day’s End:  
The Old Bank: watercolor
Hurricane #1: crayon
Hurricane of 1938: oil
The Danbury Fair: oil
Danbury Fair #2: oil
The Races: oil
Apple Harvest (2 panels): oil
Roadside Stand #1: oil
Roadside Stand #2: oil
The Old Bank- Norwalk: watercolor
Mopping for Starfish: oil
Oyster Shuckers: oil
Rummler, Alexander