Reilly, Paul

Reilly, Paul H. (?-1944)

Paul Reilly was a cartoonist and artist. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he received his early art education. He began his career in art in 1913, submitting sketches to the old Life magazine and other publications. During his later life he focused primarily on portraits and landscapes. Under the WPA Federal Arts Project, Reilly created 182 easel works, none of which were allocated. They were most likely used for educational books and brochures. Reilly’s wife Helen was an author of detective mysteries. Reilly’s date of birth is not known. He died on May 14, 1944.

 Sources: WPA Artist’s Work Card; Obituary, New York Times, May 15, 1944.

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Paul Reilly:

Drawings for Grade Reader: pen & ink
History of Education in Conn.: pen & ink
History of Education in Conn.: pen & ink
Coleytown School: pen & ink
Poplar Plains Schoolhouse: pen & ink
East Saugatuck Schoolhouse: pen & ink
School Buildings: 2 drawings, 3 photogs.: pen & ink
Old Winnipauk School: pen & ink
Dr. Hall School: pen & ink
3 Photograhs of School Bldgs.: pen & ink
2 Photographs of Old Schools: pen & ink
East Avenue School: pen & ink
Old School Interiors: pen & ink
Old Schoolhouse on East Avenue: pen & ink
Children’s Retreat- Norwalk: pen & ink
Selleck Military Academy: pen & ink
Old Norwalk School: pen & ink
Old Norwalk- Latin School: pen & ink
Interior of Nathan Hale School: pen & ink
Conn. Schoolroom (1820): pen & ink
Conn. Schoolroom (1740): pen & ink
First Law School in America: Litchfield, Conn.: pen & ink
Conn. Schoolroom (1765): pen & ink
Norwich Free Academy (1854): pen & ink
Implement of Punishment used in Connecticut Schools: pen & ink
Interior of Conn. Schoolroom (1801): pen & ink
Typical Little Red Schoolhouse: pen & ink
An Early Rural Schoolhouse: pen & ink
Mountings, Cutting Mats for 16 Drawings- Education in Conn.: pen & ink
Old Schoolhouses in Norwich: pen & ink
School Interior: pen & ink
Schoolroom Scene- 1754: pen & ink
Old School- Mystic Conn.: pen & ink
Old School- Norwalk, Conn.: pen & ink
Schoolroom Interiors: pen & ink
Schoolmaster and Pupil: pen & ink
Photographing Schoolmaster Chair: pen & ink
Photographing Old School: pen & ink
8 Sketches of Chests for the Index of American Design: pen & ink
Norwalk School Building: pen & ink
7 Drawings of Chest for the Index of American Design: pen & ink
5 Drawings of Chests for the Index of American Design: pen & ink
6 Drawings of Park Scenes for Index of American Design: pen & ink
1 Drawing of Chest for the Index of American Design: pen & ink
5 Drawings of American Chests for Index of American Design: pen & ink
4 Drawings of Furniture for the Index of American Design: pen & ink
Old Connecticut Landmark: pen & ink
Old Jessup Mansion- Westport: pen & ink
Site of Old Ferry Over the Saugatuck River: pen & ink
Interior of Old Ferry Landing in Westport: pen & ink
Tar Rock- Where Revolutionary Beacons were Kindled: pen & ink
Indian Grist Mill- Westport: pen & ink
2 Old Schools in Connecticut: pen & ink
Revolutionary Landmark Near Tar Rock: pen & ink
Stage Coach Crossing Place- Saugatuck River: pen & ink
Old Westport Hotel & Square: pen & ink
Schoolhouse Interior- 1830: pen & ink
Front of Typical Schoolhouse- 1842: pen & ink
Plainfield Academy- Conn.: pen & ink
Old School in Norwalk: pen & ink
Children Gathering Wood for Colonial School: pen & ink
Earliest Schoolmaster’s Desk in Connecticut: pen & ink
Old School in Wilton: pen & ink
Old School in Weston: pen & ink
School Interior- 1860: pen & ink
Old Academy in Plainfield, Conn.: pen & ink
Old Rural School Building: pen & ink
Old Schoolhouse- Mystic, Conn.: pen & ink
Rural Schoolhouse-1847: pen & ink
Old School in Mystic, Conn.: pen & ink
Country Schoolhouse-1818: pen & ink
Cutting Mats and mounting all the drawings finished: pen & ink
Old Schoolhouse in Westport: pen & ink
Old Schoolhouse in Norwalk: pen & ink
Eleven Sketches for Indies of American Design Chests: pen & ink
Platt Axe Factory Grinding Shop: pen & ink
Clinton House Westport: pen & ink
Birden Fitch House- Westport: pen & ink
Old Fire Department Hand Pumper: pen & ink
Westport’s Only Ancient Maritime Wreck: pen & ink
Military School- Weston 1869: pen & ink
Earliest Fire Engines- Westport: pen & ink
Old Landing Pier of Onion Boats-Westport: pen & ink
Typical Onion Boat: pen & ink
Stage Coach Crossing- Saugatuck River: pen & ink
Old Stage Coach Road- Westport: pen & ink
Onion Boat: pen & ink
Old Road Formerly Used by Norwalk Westport Coaches: pen & ink
Road Along Saugatuck Used by Boston New York Coaches: pen & ink
Onion Boats in Harbor: pen & ink
Onion Boat Remsen: pen & ink
One of the Oldest Saugatuck Docks: pen & ink
Former Methodist Church- Westport: pen & ink
Old Bridge and View of State Street- Westport: pen & ink
State st. and Riverside Avenue Looking Toward Main Street: pen & ink
Westport Fifty Years Ago: pen & ink
Old Mill Raceway- Westport: pen & ink
Cedar Point Where British Landed in 1777: pen & ink
Old Greens Farms Church- Westport: pen & ink
Site of Present Library: pen & ink
Compo Beach 25 Years Ago: pen & ink
Saugatuck River Front- 1904: pen & ink
Allen House- Westport: pen & ink
Old Building Formerly Westport: pen & ink
Pre Revolutionary McCoy House: pen & ink
Old McNally House- Myrtle Avenue Westport: pen & ink
Old Colonial House- Westport: pen & ink
Jessup Mansion: pen & ink
Early Horse Car- 45 Years Ago Westport: pen & ink
First Home of Westport Bank: pen & ink
Old Academy (from pencil sketch): pen & ink
Brining in the Yule Log: pen & ink
Irish House: pen & ink
Swedish House: pen & ink
Xmas in France: pen & ink
Xmas in Lombardy: pen & ink
English Mummers: pen & ink
The End of the Mistletoes: pen & ink
Placing the Mistletoe: pen & ink
Welcome King Winter: pen & ink
Martin Luther’s Xmas Eve: pen & ink
Snapdragon: pen & ink
Les Sonneurs: pen & ink
Gathering Holly: pen & ink
King of the Bears: pen & ink
Making the Xmas Pudding: pen & ink
Wassail: pen & ink
Xmas Pantomime: pen & ink
Xmas at Court: pen & ink
Trinity Church: pen & ink
Old Colonial Meeting House: pen & ink
The Old Adams Academy: pen & ink
Remains of Fulling and Carding Mill- 1774: pen & ink
Machamux Boulder Greens Farms: pen & ink
The Star of Bethlehem: pen & ink
The Stork Announces Dinner: pen & ink
London Waits: pen & ink
The Goose Club: pen & ink
Arrival of St. Nicholas: pen & ink
Carol Singers in Yorkshire: pen & ink
Adoration of the Magi: pen & ink
Cutting Mistletoe: pen & ink
Knitting the Sirloin of Beef: pen & ink
X-Mas at Manor House: pen & ink
X-Mas Poultry: pen & ink
Feeding Cattle Xmas Eve: pen & ink
Fetching Home the Xmas Dinner: pen & ink
Blind Man’s Buff: pen & ink
Westport 75 Years Ago: pen & ink
King’s Highway: pen & ink
A View of Old Westport: pen & ink
Minute Man Statue Commemorating Battle at Compo Hill: pen & ink
Round Pond: pen & ink
Compo Road No. 1 Start of Road Mentioned in 1672: pen & ink
Compo Road No. 2 Stephen Wakeman Pond: pen & ink
Ye Rocks (part of the original Compo Road): pen & ink
Ye Muddy Brook: pen & ink
Library Door- New Haven: pen & ink
Muddy Brook: pen & ink
Compo Road Near Compo Creek: pen & ink
Cross Street – Westport: pen & ink
East Ferry Lane: pen & ink
Fireplace in Staples House: pen & ink
Eastern Approach to Old Ford: pen & ink
Ford & Site of Old Grist Mill: pen & ink
Edgehill Road: pen & ink
Site of Westport’s Oldest Grist Mill: pen & ink
Present Day Shipping- Essex: pen & ink
Modern Shipping, Essex: pen & ink
Toss the Pancake: pen & ink & watercolor
Mother, I Think I Shall Get Well: pen & ink & watercolor
I Do Not Want Those Grapes: pen & ink & watercolor
Do Not Ever Cross A Street Without Looking: pen & ink & watercolor
Toss the Pancake: pen & ink & watercolor
An Indian: pen & ink & watercolorpen & ink & watercolor
Mr. Fox Gobbled it Up: pen & ink & watercolor
Do Not Throw Stones: pen & ink & watercolor
Do Not Ever Play with Fire: pen & ink & watercolor
Circus Poster: pen & ink & watercolor
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Reilly, Paul