State Records Management Program

Contact: LeAnn Power, 860-757-6540

 Records Retention and Disposition

PRP 05: Disposition of Public Records
General Records Schedules
Agency-Specific Records Schedules
Form RC-108: Records Disposition Authorization
Volume of Records Measurement Guide
Form RC-109: Records Disposition Certificate for Information Systems Records
Form RC-077: Request for Removal of Public Records Personal Data Files
GL 2009-01: Transfer of Records to the State Archives
State Archives Memorandum of Transfer

Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO) and Assistant RMLO

PRP 07: RMLO and Assistant RMLO Appointment and Duties
Form RC-078: RMLO Designation
Records Management Self-Evaluation and Compliance Guide

 Email Management

GL 2009-2: Management and Retention of Email and other Electronic Messages
Email Management Guidance
Email FAQ

 Digital Imaging

PRP 02: Digital Imaging
Digital Imaging Standards
Authorization for Disposal of Original Paper Records Stored as Digital Images

 State Records Center

PRP 10: Transfer and Storage of Records at the State Records Center
Form RC-100: State Records Center Storage List
Form RC-200: State Records Center Reference Request

Public Records Storage Facilities

PRP 03: Standards for Public Records Storage Facilities
Form RC-150: Public Records Storage Facility Pre-Inspection Profile
State Contract for Hard Copy Records and Magnetic Media Storage and Destruction Services
Memo to State Agencies re: New DAS Contract

Agency Relocation, Closures, Mergers, and Consolidations

PRP 06: Retention of Records for Agency Closures, Mergers, and Consolidations
PRM 100: Managing Records during Agency Relocation
Tips for Managing Records during an Office Relocation
Managing the Maelstrom


GL 96-2: Standards for Microfilming Public Records
Microfilm Certificate of Compliance
Microfilm Target – Public Records Certification

 Additional Resources

Compilation of Public Records Laws
Records Management Terms
Recommendations of the State Librarian for Establishing Standards and Guidelines for the Preservation and Authentication of Electronic Documents
Form-RC-104: Records Inventory List
Form RC-50W: Records Retention Schedule Worksheet
Form RC-001: Records Disposition Policy Acknowledgement of Receipt