General Records Retention Schedules for Municipalities

See below for links to all active General Records Retention Schedules for the Municipal Records Management Program which includes municipalities, towns, cities, boroughs, political subdivisions, and certain quasi-public agencies. Contact the Office of the Public Records Administrator if you are not sure of your agency’s status or whether your agency falls under the purview of the Office of the Public Records Administrator for the retention and disposition of records.

  • These schedules list records common to most government functions. The record series are grouped by function rather than office so records within an office may be covered by more than one retention schedule.
  • For superseded or obsolete General Records Retention Schedules, contact the Office of the Public Records Administrator for assistance.
General Retention Schedules for Municipalities
M1 - General Administration Records (02/2005)
M2 - Personnel/Labor Relations Records (02/2005)
M3 - Fiscal Records (02/2005)
M4 - Taxation - Assessment/Collection Records (05/2012)
M5 - Town Clerks and Registrars of Vital Statistics Records (02/2005)
M6 - Electors and Elections Records (09/2011)
M7 - Public Safety and Emergency Services Records (11/2012)
M8 - Education Records (2/2005)
M9 - Public Works Records (02/2005)
M10 - Land Use and Development Records (02/2005)
M11 - Library, Museum, Special Collection, Archival Records (11/2013)
M12 - Health Departments/Districts/Clinics Records (02/2005)
M13 - Human Services/Social Services/General Assistance Records (02/2005)
M14 - Parks and Recreation Records (02/2005)
M15 - Locally Owned Utilities/Regional Authorities (02/2005)
M15.1 - Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative (CMEEC) (12/2014)
M16 - Electronic Data Processing Records (02/2005)