Agency Specific Records Retention Schedules

See below for links to all active Specific Records Retention Schedules for agencies that are part of the State Records Management Program (state agencies in the executive department and certain quasi-public agencies). Contact the Office of the Public Records Administrator if you are not sure of your agency’s status or whether your agency falls under the purview of the Office of the Public Records Administrator for the retention and disposition of records.

  • These schedules list records unique to specific agencies. See the General Records Retention Schedules for State Agencies page for records that are common to all agencies.
  • For superseded or obsolete Specific Records Retention Schedules, contact the Office of the Public Records Administrator for assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: Only Specific Records Retention Schedules created or revised after July 1, 2007 are posted below. Schedules with effective dates prior to July 1, 2007 and the official record copy of all schedules are on file at the Office of the Public Records Administrator.

Administrative Services, Department of (DAS)

Collections Division (08-8-1)
Construction Services (16-1-3)
Procurement Services (16-1-2)
State Marshal Commission (10-9-1)
State Properties Review Board (16-1-4)
Statewide Human Resources (16-1-1)

Attorney General, Office of (AG)

All Agency Programs (13-3-1)

Banking, Department of (DOB)

Government Relations and Consumer Affairs Division (10-2-1)

Comptroller, Office of the State (OSC)

Retirement Services Division (12-10-1)

Connecticut Innovations (CI)

All Agency Programs (13-5-1)

 Consumer Counsel, Office of (OCC)

All Agency Programs (12-12-01)

 Consumer Protection, Department of (DCP)

All Agency Programs (08-2-1)
Drug Control (08-2-2)
Food and Standards (08-2-3)
Legal (15-13-1)
Liquor Control (15-13-2)
Gaming Division (15-16-3)

 Correction, Department of (DOC)

Entire Agency (15-5-1)

Criminal Justice, Division of (DCJ)

Office of the Chief State’s Attorney (13-2-2)

Developmental Services, Department of (DDS)

All Agency Programs (15-14-1)

Economic & Community Development, Department of (DECD)

Entire Agency-Revision

Office of Arts, Historic Preservation and Museums and Tourism

Education, State Department of (SDE)

Entire Agency (15-7-1)

Elections Enforcement Commission, State (SEEC)

Entire Agency (16-3-5)

Emergency Services & Public Protection, Department of (DESPP)

Commission on Fire Prevention and Control (13-8-2)
Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (15-12-1)
Divisions of State Police; Fire Investigations and Statewide Emergency Telecommunications; and Scientific Services (12-4-1)
Police Officer Standards and Training Council (13-8-1)

 Energy & Environmental Protection, Department of (DEEP)

Bureau of Air Management – Enforcement (15-4-3)
Bureau of Air Management – Engineering (15-4-2)
Bureau of Air Management – Planning and Standards (15-4-5)
Bureau of Air Management – Radiation (15-4-4)
Bureau of Energy and Technology Policy (14-2-3)
Forestry (14-2-2)
Inland Fisheries Division (08-5-1)
Inland Water Resources Division (13-6-1)
Land Acquisition and Management Division (15-4-1)
Office of Adjudications (14-2-1)
Office of Long Island Sound Programs [OLISP] (09-1-3)
Parks Division (09-1-1)
PCB Enforcement Unit (10-5-1)
Pesticide (14-2-4)
Planning and Program Development, Office of (09-1-2)
Public Utilities Regulatory Authority [PURA] (11-4-1)
Water Permitting and Enforcement Division (13-6-2)
Water Protection and Land Reuse Planning and Standards (08-5-2)
Wildlife Division (11-4-2)

Environmental Quality, Council on (CEQ)

Entire Agency (15-1-1)

Ethics, Office of State (OSE)

Entire Agency (11-8-1)

Government Accountability, Office of (OGA)

Firearms Permit Examiners, Board of (11-7-1)
Judicial Selection Commission (14-5-2)
Office of the Victim Advocate (14-5-1)

Governor, Office of the (GOV)

All Agency Programs (12-8-1)

Healthcare Advocate, Office of (OHA)

All Agency Programs (10-8-1)

Housing Finance Authority, Connecticut (CHFA)

All Agency Programs (13-7-1)

Human Rights & Opportunities, Commission on (CHRO)

Field Operations (07-3-1)

Insurance Department, Connecticut (CID)

Administration, Business, and Personnel Office (07-5-2)
Consumer Affairs Division (14-6-1)
Financial Regulation (07-5-4)
Fraud Unit (13-10-1)
Legal Division (09-13-1)
Licensing Division (07-5-1)
Life and Health Division (08-3-1)
Market Conduct Division (11-1-1)
Property and Casualty Division (09-13-2)

 Labor, Department of (DOL)

Benefit Accuracy Measurement Unit (14-7-1)
Claims Exam Unit (16-2-4)
Field Audit Offices (11-3-1)
Trade Adjustment Assistance Program [TAA] (15-10-1)
Unemployment Insurance Tax Division – Merit Rating Unit (12-11-1)
Wage and Workplace Standards (13-9-1)

 Lieutenant Governor, Office of the (OLG)

All Agency Programs (12-1-1)

Motor Vehicles, Department of (DMV)

All Agency Programs (15-6-1)

Pardons & Paroles, Connecticut Board of (BPP)

Pardons Unit (14-9-1)
Paroles Unit (09-8-1)

Policy & Management, Office of (OPM)

Adriaen’s Landing Project and the Stadium at Rentschler Field Project (11-10-2 )
Intergovernmental Policy (15-9-2)

 Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities, Office of (OPA)

All Agency Programs (15-3-1)

Public Health, Department of (DPH)

Community Based Regulation (09-6-1)
Healthcare Quality and Safety Branch – Practitioner Licensing and Investigation (16-4-1)
Infectious Disease Unit (13-1-2)
Infectious Disease Unit – Immunization Program (10-1-1)
Legal Compliance, Office of (16-4-2)
Local Health Administration Branch (11-9-1)
Planning Branch – Health Information Systems and Reporting; Tumor Registry; and Workforce, Professional Development, and State Health Planning (10-1-3)
Public Health Initiatives Branch – AIDS and Chronic Diseases Section (12-2-2)
Public Health Initiatives Branch – Health Education, Management, and Surveillance Section – Cancer Program (12-2-1)
Regulatory Services Branch – Drinking Water Section (12-2-3)
Regulatory Services Branch – Environmental Health Section (10-1-2)

Rehabilitative Services, Department of (DORS)

Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (14-3-1)

Revenue Services, Department of (DRS)

Administration Division/Records (14-8-1)

 Secretary of the State, Office of (OSS)

Commercial Recording Division – Address Confidentiality Program (11-5-6) 
 Commercial Recording Division – Authentication/Apostille Function (11-5-1)
Commercial Recording Division – Foreign Investigations Function Records (11-5-2)
Commercial Recording Division – Trademark Records (11-5-4)
Commercial Recording Division – Uniform Commercial Code Function (12-7-1)
Commercial Recording Division – Writs Function Records (11-5-3)
Legislation and Elections Administration Division (LEAD) – Notary Public Function (11-5-5)

Siting Council, Connecticut (CSC)

All Agency Programs (15-11-1)

Social Services, Department of (DSS)

Administrative Hearings (15-2-1)
Division of Health Services – Pharmacy Unit (14-1-1)
Managed Care/Husky/Dental (07-6-1)
Office of Quality Assurance (11-13-1)

State Library, Connecticut (CSL)

All Agency Programs (09-3-13)
Bibliographic Services (09-3-5)
Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library for the (09-3-7)
Business Services – Grants and Contracts (09-3-12)
Business Services – Photoduplication (09-3-4)
Collection Management (09-3-10)
Government Information and Reference Services (09-3-6)
History and Genealogy Unit (09-3-9)
Law and Legislative Reference (09-3-8)
Library Development, Division of (10-4-1)
Museum of Connecticut History (09-3-11)
Public Records Administrator, Office of the (10-4-2)
State Archives (09-3-3)

 State Treasurer, Office of (OST)

Executive Office (11-2-1)
Second Injury Fund (14-11-1)
Unclaimed Property Division (09-2-2)

Teachers’ Retirement Board (TRB)

All Agency Programs (08-6-1)

Transportation, Department of (DOT)

Traffic Data Analysis/Classification [Unit 4202] (08-10-1)

 University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC)

Graduate Medical Education (GME) Residency Programs (15-8-2)