Public Library Construction Grants, 2017

The State Legislature has not yet passed a capital budget this year, but the State Library still expects to be accepting library construction grant applications this year.  Should the program receive the additional bond funding requested for this year, we will be accepting grant applications from public libraries for library expansion, new buildings, major alterations, remodeling, accessibility, code compliance, emergency preparedness, and energy conservation.  If no additional funding is forthcoming, there will probably be limits on the type of applications accepted.

Library construction grants fund one-half of total project costs up to a maximum of $1 million.  Minimum total project cost must be $50,000.  All interested libraries MUST submit a “Notice of Intent” form by June 30.  Applications will be due by September 1.  The new “Notice of Intent” form and other documents explaining the grant program for 2017-2018 are available on our Construction Grants web page.

Please contact Tom Newman, Construction Grants, at 860-757-6573, for more information.