Public Library Annual Report

Information on completing the 2016 Annual Report to the State Library is now available.  The Annual Report is critical for state and national data gathering on public libraries.

Due to both budget constraints and performance problems, we will no longer be using the Bibliostat report form.  Libraries will be using an Excel report form (an .xlsx file) which you will fill out and return.  About 20 libraries used this “alternative” report form last year and nearly all found it easier.  If your library does not use Microsoft Office, we will provide an alternative form.  Information on the 2016 Annual Report includes:

  • A printable list of the questions on the report form
  • An instruction sheet
  • The report form itself (to download when you are ready to complete it)

Please be aware that this year’s survey has some new questions, but libraries always have the option of answering with “N/A” (i.e. not available) if the library is not prepared to answer the question.  Additional questions are the result of new federal requirements.  We reduced the number of other questions to keep the survey from getting longer.

The firm DEADLINE for submission is 4 P.M. on November 15, 2016.  Though State Aid has been suspended this year, public libraries are still required, by statute (CGS  Sec. 11-25 (a)), to submit an Annual Report.