North, Lois

North, Lois (1908-1988)

Lois North was born in New Haven, Connecticut on May 21, 1908. She attended grade school in New Haven before going on to four years of Mrs. Day’s Private Girls’ School as well as Columbia Summer School. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Yale School of Fine Arts in 1930. Before working for the WPA Federal Arts Project, she worked for the Public Works of Art Project, the FERA, and the Treasury Relief Art Program. North’s style was described by WPA officials as “flat and decorative sometimes lapping too much into reality for its own good.” Her work was influenced by Early Renaissance painters and Japanese art. She completed a total of nine easel works and one mural. The mural was entitled Life of David Humphreys and was allocated to the Ansonia High School. Her only other allocated work, The Dogwood Tree, was sent to Cedarcrest Sanatorium. After leaving the WPA North moved to Chicago, Illinois where she became the editor and publisher of Music News Magazine. In 1943 she moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, and founded the Lois North School of the Arts. She was the owner and director of Beaupre Creative Arts Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts from 1956 until 1980. North died on May 31, 1988.

Sources: WPA Artist’s Work Card; WPA Biography; Obituary, New York Times, June 3, 1988.

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Lois North:

Snow Drops: ink & watercolor
Little Pear Tree: ink & watercolor
Elm Branch in Blossom: ink & watercolor
Yew Bush: watercolor
Old Apple Tree: watercolor
Elm Tree: ink & watercolor
Life of David Humphrey: tempera
Portrait of David Humphreys: watercolor
Sketch of a Fallen Tree: oil
The Dogwood Tree: tempera
North, Lois