Digitizing the Newspapers of Connecticut


Thumbnail image of page 1 of the newspaper: The Voter, Aug. 1911 (Hartford)

The CT State Library (CSL) is looking to join forces with local libraries, historical societies and publishers to build a collection of freely accessible online newspapers. To participate in this project, your Institution will have to meet our specifications for digital files and ensure that the newspapers are in the public domain or that you have the rights to put them online. CSL will provide a public access portal and will pay to preserve the digital files in the Connecticut Digital Archive (CTDA).

We are also interested to discuss born-digital and newspapers that have already been digitized, even if they were done to a different standard.

You will need to sign two documents: an Agreement with CSL and the CTDA Memorandum of Understanding.

Castigator, Sept. 25, 1840 (Middletown, CT)More information:

Copyright & Permissions

Specifications for Digitizing Newspapers

Selecting Microfilm for Digitization

Sources of Grant Funding

Working with Vendors

See our online collection: Newspapers of Connecticut