McCutcheon, Albert


McCutcheon, Albert B. (1901-1990)

Albert McCutcheon was born in Middletown, Connecticut on January 1, 1901. He attended the Durant School in Middletown. He also took private lessons in art, history, language, and music for four years. He went on to study at the Yale School of Fine Arts, continuing his studies at the Julian Academy in Paris in 1923. He married Hilde Anderson, an artist, in 1924. He studied abroad once again in 1928, and later from 1932 to 1935. For a period of several years McCutcheon worked as a free lance easel painter, mural painter, and interior designer. He was a colonial and ecclesiastical restorer. Prior to the WPA Federal Arts Project, he worked for the Public Works of Art Project. In 1936 he began work for the WPA. McCutcheon completed a series of murals entitled The Epic of Middletown for the Woodrow Wilson High School in Middletown in 1938. He also painted a mural for the Durant School Kindergarten and 15 easel pictures that were allocated to Woodrow Wilson High School, Fort Wright, Undercliff Sanatorium, the Municipal Air Terminus [Brainard Field] in Hartford, and the Hindley School in Darien. His style of painting was described by the WPA officials as “at once modern and individual.” They went on to note that his pictures “unlike many of the modern school, are predominantly gay, airy, and harmonious.” McCutcheon died in 1990 in Middletown.

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Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Albert McCutcheon:

Spirit of Flight: oil on canvas
Thaw: watercolor
End of Winter: watercolor
Springtime in Connecticut: watercolor
Flower Study and Nude Boy: watercolor
Flower Study: watercolor
Flower Study: watercolor
Paul Bunyan: watercolor
The Circus: watercolor
Skating: watercolor
Captain Raoul Lufberry: oil
Landscape: watercolor
Farms and River: watercolor
Salmon River: watercolor
Countryside: watercolor
Cladison: watercolor
Landscape: watercolor
Old Barns: watercolor
Summer Fields: watercolor
Landscape: watercolor
Epic of Middletown: oil
Portrait of a Young Girl: oil
Landscape: watercolor
Flower Study: watercolor
Rest: watercolor
Skiing: watercolor
Siesta on the Farm: watercolor
Thaw: watercolor
Fire: watercolor
Bessy’s Dream: watercolor
Connecticut River Series: oil
Wild Flowers: watercolor
Still Life #1: watercolor
Still Life #2: watercolor
Spheres: watercolor
The Snow: watercolor
Snowscape: watercolor
Fantasy: watercolor
Covered Bridge: watercolor
Flower Subject: watercolor
Low Tide: watercolor
Early Morning: watercolor
Country Fair: watercolor
River Bank: watercolor
The Farmstead: watercolor
Dark November: watercolor
Connecticut House: watercolor
Winter Scene: watercolor
Old Factory: watercolor
Little Church: watercolor
Connecticut Buildings: watercolor
Winter Landscape: watercolor
Shipbuilder: oil
Through a Windshield: oil
McCutcheon, Albert