CVSBH Volunteer Opportunites

There are many opportunities for volunteering at each of the five studios (see Recording Studios). Because a 250-300 page book can take about a year to produce, volunteers must be willing to contribute time on a regular basis and be dedicated to a long term commitment. Patience, normal hearing and vision, a command of the English language (foreign languages are helpful also), and a love of literature are necessary to translate the written work to its audible meaning. Comfort using a computer would be helpful although training is provided for all positions. Auditions are required for narrators. It takes a team of volunteers working together to produce each talking book. A narrator prepares and reads the material into a microphone in a soundproof booth. A monitor operates the recording equipment outside the booth and directs the narrator while following along with a second copy of the material. Between recording sessions a reviewer listens to the recorded material and checks it against the written text, noting any errors, mispronunciations, or sound quality problems. The monitor and narrator must correct these mistakes at the beginning of the next recording session. An evaluation panel made up of volunteers periodically appraises books- in- progress and forwards their comments to the recording team. Additional corrections are made as needed. The panel must approve each completed book. After an entire book is recorded, corrected and approved, another volunteer “masters” it- running the recording through software that further enhances the quality of the recording and renders it usable in digital format. Recordings are then duplicated onto cartridges which are labeled in print and Braille, packaged and shipped to the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped for distribution to patrons as digital talking books. Additional volunteer opportunities could involve clerical activities, serving as a unit coordinator and membership on the board of directors. For information about volunteer opportunities contact:

Kathy Hotchkiss
Coordinator of Volunteer Recording Services
 Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
198 West Street
Rocky Hill, CT 06067 
Tele.: 860. 721.2024 
Toll-Free 800.842.4516