Jones, Albertus

Jones, Albertus Eugene (1882-1957)

Along with John Goodwin McManus, Albertus Eugene Jones was one of the most influential artists and art teachers in Connecticut’s history. There are interesting similarities in their birth and death dates. Both were born in 1882. Jones died in 1957, and McManus passed away only a year later. In 1882 Albertus Jones was born in South Windsor, Connecticut. He attended grammar and high schools there and then attended and graduated from the Morse Business College. While at Morse in 1900, he discovered that he liked to draw and paint. He enrolled in classes offered by the Connecticut League of Art Students and took courses from Charles Noel Flagg, at that time the leader among Connecticut artists.

Jones was a well known and esteemed art teacher. For about twenty years, he taught drawing and painting at the Hartford Art School and in several places around Connecticut such as the South Windsor public schools. He continued teaching well into his later years, retiring from the South Windsor public schools in 1952. He believed that “his most important contribution” to art was “training other artists.” In 2006 a former student wrote that she had “learned a lot from this artist.”  “He was/is an inspiration.” She wrote that she took lessons from Jones in the seventh and eighth grades, most likely in South Windsor, and that “he is the cause of my being interested in landscapes and art in general.”

Jones was a member of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, the Salmagundi Club, and the New Haven Paint and Clay Club. He exhibited widely and won several prizes between 1912 and 1945. He was known as a landscape painter, painting in oils and watercolor in the style of American impressionists prior to 1940. The WPA biography for Jones contained the following description:

“His paintings have a quality of austerity. He takes particular pains to make his landscapes vital and natural. His skies are always incorporated into the pattern and are not simply background. Withal he invariably expresses the strength and restraint of the New England landscape and its architecture.”

Jones joined the WPA Federal Arts Project in 1936 and produced approximately 111 easel works through 1941. His works were allocated throughout the state. He was one of nine Connecticut artists to have one of his paintings exhibited at the New York World’s Fair in 1940. Jones died in 1957 and is buried in the Central Cemetery of South Windsor.

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Albertus Jones

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Albertus Jones:

Childes’ Goodman House: oil
Fyler House: oil
Capt. Allyn House: oil
1st Church in Wethersfield: oil
Captain Francis Barnard House: oil
Summer: oil
Providence Light House: oil
Landscape (Hills of St. Petersburg): oil
Iron Bridge: oil
Burnside Mills: oil
Hartford Skyline: oil
North Branford Church: oil
Power House: watercolor
Country Town: watercolor
Old Houses: oil
Sunny Brook Farm: watercolor
Barn: watercolor
Country Road: watercolor
December Day: watercolor
Still Life: watercolor
Conway House: oil
Girl Knitting: watercolor
Self Portrait: watercolor
Barn & Trees: watercolor
Still Life: watercolor
Landscape (Rainy Day): watercolor
Shelbourne Falls: watercolor
Light Snow: watercolor
Brooklet Through Countryside (by Farmington River): watercolor
City Square: watercolor
Paper Mills: watercolor
Little Red Church: watercolor
Barkhamsted Hollow Church: watercolor
Dairy Farm: oil
Quarry: watercolor
Spring in the Hills: oil
Spring: oil
Country School House: oil
Old Barn: watercolor
Peaceful Valley: oil
Sordid Street: watercolor
Hills: oil
Side Hill Farm: watercolor
Bend of the River: watercolor
On the Valley Road (Conn. Valley?): watercolor
Sunset: watercolor
Twilight: watercolor
Farms in the Valley: watercolor
Windy Sky: oil
Elm Trees: oil
Close of Day: Late Afternoon: oil
Abandoned Oakum Mill: oil
Winter Landscape or Winter Morning: oil
Winter Landscape: oil
Hills: watercolor
House at the End of the Road: watercolor
Spring: watercolor
Spring: oil
Landscape: oil
Landscape: watercolor
Men working: watercolor
Landscape: watercolor
New England Hillside: oil
In Old New England: oil
Landscape: oil
Winter: oil
Frozen Mill Dam: oil
Early Moon: oil
Snow in the Mountains: oil
Elm Trees: oil
Storm Brewing: oil
November: oil
End of Winter: watercolor
Winding Path: watercolor
House on the Hill: watercolor
Close of Day: oil
November: oil
Sunset: oil
By the Sea: oil
March Winds: watercolor
Out in the Country: oil
Midsummer: oil
East of Thomaston: oil
Road to Andover: oil
Norwich, Conn.: oil
Hillside: watercolor
November Day: watercolor
Hilltop House: watercolor
At East Haddam: oil
Little Red House: oil
Railroad Crossing: watercolor
Russell Town in Winter: oil
Molly Stark Trail: oil
Outfitting the New Boat: oil
Peaceful Hour: oil
The Island Shack: oil
Berkshire Town: oil
The Old Red Church: oil
Barn by the Roadside: watercolor
The Coal Yard: watercolor
The Brewery: watercolor
Jake’s Barn: watercolor
Farm on the Hill: watercolor
Riverside Hotel: oil
After the Rain: oil
The Back Road: oil
Below Zero: oil
Sandy Road: oil
Village Church: oil
The Red Barn: oil
A March Day: oil
The Inner Cove: oil
The Country Church:  
Jones, Albertus