Important 2018 BorrowIT CT Information

Attention Public Libraries:

  1. borrowIT CT funding was reduced from $781,820 in FY2017 to $703,638 in FY2018.
  1. 2017-2018 borrowIT CT Payments. Payments should go out to libraries within the next few weeks.  Municipal libraries should check with their Town Treasurer to make sure these funds are made available to the library, as required by statute.
  1. Your Library’s Statistics. For information on your library’s Payment, Loans, Borrows, and Net-Plus Loans.
  1. Reporting borrowIT CT Loans in 2018-2019. Download an Excel report form which you will then send to me after the borrowIT year ends next February.  Download this Report Form.
  1. Required Expenditure Report. Libraries must report now how they spent the payment they received last year in April 2017.  Most libraries have already spent this money, so please go to this survey form and submit your figures.  You do not need to submit a paper form.
  1. borrowIT Regulations.Some reminders:
  • By statute sec. 11-31b, the payment “may be used for general library purposes and no portion of the grant money shall revert to the general fund of the town …”
  • “In no case shall a library issue a card to a non-resident for use as a borrowIT CT borrower card.” If you choose to issue a card to a non-resident, the card must include a “for use in the [issuing library] only” statement on the card.

 Thanks for your library’s participation in borrowIT CT.