Hoxie, Stephen Jerome

Hoxie, Stephen Jerome (1895-1981)

Stephen Jerome Hoxie was born in Phoenix, Rhode Island on September 24, 1895. He studied at the East Greenwich Academy and then at the Rhode Island School of Design for two and a half years. He did a study of color at the Eastman Kodak Research Laboratory. He completed a total of 82 paintings for the WPA Federal Arts Project, many of them for the Index of American Design. Hoxie’s style of painting was described by WPA officials as “conservative realism.” In 1959 Groton named a highway scenic outlook after him. Hoxie passed away in 1981in Stonington, Connecticut.

 Sources: WPA Artist’s Work Card; WPA Biography; Social Security Death Index; Hartford Courant, June 12, 1986.

Stephen Jerome Hoxie

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Stephen Hoxie:

Muddy Water: watercolor
Waiting for the Season: watercolor
April Rain: watercolor
Church of 1674: watercolor
Winter Sleigh: oil
Cheseborough’s House 1649: watercolor
Shipyard 1870: watercolor
First Church Building 1661: watercolor
Between Showers: oil
Salt Marsh: oil
October Drizzle: oil
Indian summer: oil
Boat Scene: watercolor
Sea Scouts Build a Boat: oil
Building the Forms: oil
Finishing Up the Hull: oil
Using Hurricane Trees: watercolor
Boat on Land: watercolor
The Wrecked Home: watercolor
Hurricane: watercolor
Hurricane: watercolor
Hurricane: watercolor
Hurricane: watercolor
Hurricane: watercolor
Hurricane: watercolor
Hurricane: watercolor
Windy Desolation: watercolor
Spitting Snow: watercolor
Local Scene: watercolor
Local Scene: watercolor
Local Scene: watercolor
Country School House: oil
The River Road: oil
Sunning: oil
Crock: watercolor
Large Crock: watercolor
Butter Crock: watercolor
Cider Jug: watercolor
Brown Jug: watercolor
Cider Jug: watercolor
Butter Crock: watercolor
Churn: watercolor
Pitcher: watercolor
Preserve Jar: watercolor
Crock: watercolor
Churn: watercolor
Pen and Ink Sketches of Stonington Doorways: Pendleton House: watercolor
Judson House: watercolor
Peleg Hancox House: watercolor
Ells House: watercolor
Joseph Smith House: watercolor
Amos Palmer House: watercolor
Amos Sheffield House: watercolor
Mason House: pen & ink
Ephriam Williams House: pen & ink
Trumbull House: pen & ink
Stanton House: pen & ink
C.P. Williams House: pen & ink
Allenson House: pen & ink
Old Tavern: pen & ink
Sheffield House: pen & ink
Taylor House: pen & ink
Waldron House: pen & ink
Varvas House: pen & ink
Babcock Mansion: pen & ink
Trumbull Mansion: pen & ink
Garity Mansion: pen & ink
Lady Blessington: watercolor
Figurehead, Asia: watercolor
Eagle Great Republic: watercolor
Stern Decoration Eagle: watercolor
Eagle Great Republic: watercolor
Saturday Nite Band Concert: watercolor
Fisherman’s Cottage: watercolor
The Bog-Early Spring: watercolor
Harbor Fog: watercolor
Abandoned Stone Dock: watercolor
Approaching Shower: watercolor
Village Improvement: oil
Scudding Clouds: watercolor
Cart Path: watercolor
Stonington Point: watercolor
The Last Mooring: watercolor
November: oil
Country Road: oil
Early American Memories: oil
Ice House Pond: oil
Path Through Knight’s Pasture: oil
Indians in Canoes: pen & ink
Adrian Bloch, 1614: pen & ink
Founding of Wethersfield, 1634: pen & ink
Expedition Against the Indians, 1637: pen & ink
Tryall, 1649: pen & ink
Cutting of Timber for Ships: pen & ink
Trucking, 18th Century: pen & ink
Weathervane: watercolor
Floor Decoration: watercolor
Cast Iron Fence: pen & ink
Cast Iron Fence: pen & ink
Cast Iron Fence: pen & ink
Cast Iron Fence: pen & ink
Hoxie, Stephen Jerome