Gully, Alvin

Gully, Alvin (1902-1985)

Alvin Gully was born in Brooklyn, New York on May 29, 1902. He attended public school in Brooklyn until his parents moved to Westbrook, Connecticut in 1911. Before working for the WPA Federal Arts Project, he worked as a factory hand, mechanical draftsman, machine designer, model builder, pianist at a silent movie theater, musician in a dance orchestra, sign painter, author of technical articles, and illustrator for magazines. Gully was a self-taught artist, although he took a correspondence course in commercial illustrating through the Federal Schools of Minneapolis. He completed 35 projects for the WPA. Seventeen of his works were for the Index of American design, and he worked various “odd jobs” around the WPA offices including taking photographs, mounting works, and preparing exhibitions. Gully died on June 1, 1985, in Westbrook. He was 83. Of special note is that he ran for Governor on the Socialist Labor Party ticket in 1934.

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Alvin Gully

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Alvin Gully:

Empire Bureau: oil
Empire Mirror: oil
Empire Clock: oil
Empire Stand with Drawers: oil
Pie Crust Table: oil
Tip-Table: oil
Low Boy: oil
Fiddle Back Chair: oil
Block Front Chest: oil
Cigar Store Man: oil
Windham Bacchus: oil
Barnum Figure: oil
Figure of Colored Man: oil
Snow Storm: watercolor
Carved Head (Circus): watercolor
Chest: watercolor
Misc. Wall Stencil: watercolor
Misc. Wall Stencil: watercolor
Mounting of a Section of Decorated Wall and Paneling from Westfield, Conn.:  
About 40 Photos of Index Subjects:  
More than 24 Calls Upon Index Artists Giving Instructions in Index Technique:  
Development of the Algebraic Equation System of Color Determination:  
Three Drawings of Index Subjects for Other Index Artists:  
Ten Maple Bridges for Index Artists:  
Sarah Wilcox House Wall Painting Sketches:  
Development of the Equilibrium Color Method and Painted Demonstration Examples for Index Artists:  
Drawings, Data and Color Notes of Five Index Subjects Ready for Rendering in Watercolor:  
Mounting of Hoxie’s Pen and Ink Drawings:  
Preparation of Exhibits for the Index (cutting mats, mounting, etc. and helping to hang):  
Two Plaster Plaques of Wall Sections:  
Redecorating Exhibit Room at 63 Dwight Street (electrical work and wall covering & new lamp shades):  
Assistance on Health Exhibit Shown at Yale Cage:  
Assistance on Professional and Service Exhibits, Lettering, Wood Cutouts, stenciling & silk screen:  
Exhibition at State Fish & Games Dept.: oil on canvas with Misc. Accessories
Gully, Alvin