Gregg, Laicita

For most of her life, this artist was Laicita Warburton Worden. After her marriage to Kenneth Gregg in 1919, she became Laicita Worden Gregg. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1892 and attended the city’s public schools. She graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and later was elected to a Fellowship. During her life she lived in Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; Greenwich and Wilton, Connecticut; Orlando, Florida; and Rutland, Vermont. Worden Gregg was a painter, sculptor, muralist, and illustrator during her career. She worked for the WPA Federal Arts Project from 1936-1939, when her family lived in Wilton. She completed nine easel paintings and five murals. The latter were at the Stamford Court House, the New Canaan Library, New Canaan High School, and Weston and Wilton schools. Worden Gregg was active in the Group of Wilton Artists. The New Haven Museum and Historical Society salvaged and restored one mural, a three panel representation of The Regicides, which had once been in Woolsey School in New Haven. The Society also has water color and pencil mural sketches. Worden Gregg died in Rutland, Vermont in 1975.

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Laicita Gregg

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Laicita Gregg:

Cinderella: oil
Heidi: oil
Connecticut Landscapes: oil
The Regicides: oil
Old Tory House: watercolor
Circus: watercolor
Pan American Building: watercolor
Dawn: watercolor
Evening: watercolor
Colonial Kitchen: oil
Market Place in Mexico: oil
Mexican Fisherman: oil
Beach Scene: oil
Old Lambert House: oil
Mural Sketch 1: watercolor
Mural Sketch 2: watercolor
Mural Sketch 3: watercolor
Mural Sketch 4: pencil
Mural Sketch 5: pencil
Mural Sketch 6: pencil
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Gregg, Laicita