Governor Malloy Issues Blind American Equality Day Proclamation

State of Connecticut


By His Excellency Dannel P. Malloy, Governor:

an Official Statement


WHEREAS, Connecticut’s citizens who are blind or visually impaired can rightfully take pride in their contributions to the rich economic and social fabric of our community, and the State encourages employers, in both the public and private sector, to recognize the capabilities, skills and potential of citizens with blindness or visual impairment; and


WHEREAS, white canes and guide dogs have come to symbolize equal rights and equal access for persons with blindness; and


WHEREAS, as a symbol, these white canes are also reminders to society of the many successes of persons with blindness or visual impairment, and the achievements of hardworking individuals in their communities and places of employment due to equal access; and


WHEREAS, Connecticut law establishes the right of persons with blindness to carry and use a white cane or use a guide dog along our streets and roadways, in residential settings, on public transportation, in public accommodations, and in the workplace; and


WHEREAS, our law also requires that all motorists exercise appropriate caution when approaching someone using a white cane or guide dog; and


WHEREAS, the State of Connecticut encourages all of its citizens, especially those who drive quiet or silent hybrid and electric vehicles, to join the nationwide effort to keep our streets and roadways safe for pedestrians with blindness or visual impairment; and


WHEREAS, October 15th has been known as White Cane Safety Day across the United States since it was declared by Congress and the President in 1964, now


THEREFORE, to celebrate and honor the past achievements and future potential of all of Connecticut’s citizens with blindness or visual impairment, I, Dannel P. Malloy, Governor of the State of Connecticut, do hereby proclaim October 15, 2018 as



in the State of Connecticut.