Galvin, Paul H.

Galvin, Paul H. (?)

All that is known about this artist is that he painted two easels, one entitledRhodendrons and the other Harbor Scene, both of which were allocated in 1936 to the Undercliff Sanatorium.

Source: WPA Artist’s Work Card

Paul H. Galvin

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Paul Galvin:

Rhodendrons: watercolor
Harbor Scene: watercolor
Head from Circus Wagon: watercolor
Barnum Figures: watercolor
Maple Sugar Mold: watercolor
Glove Adv.: watercolor
Carved Eagle: watercolor
Wall St. Bridge, Norwalk: etching
Oyster Boats: etching
The Comet- First Streamlined Tram Through Norwalk April 27/35: pen & ink
Untitled: pen & ink
Old Church: pen & ink
Galvin, Paul H.