Electronic Records Day

Celebrate Electronic Records Day
October 10, 2018

The purpose of Electronic Records Day is to raise awareness among government agencies, the general public, related professionals and other stakeholders about the crucial role electronic records play in government, business and our personal lives. This annual event is sponsored by the Council of State Archivists (CoSA) as part of its State Electronic Records Initiative (SERI). Please join CoSA and others on 10/10/16 in spreading the word about the challenges and opportunities that electronic records present.

Why do electronic records need special attention? Paper records stored in good conditions are readable for hundreds of years. Typical electronic file formats have a life span of decades at best.  10 Reasons for E-records 2018, explains why everyone should be thinking more about electronic records. Managing Electronic Communications in Government provides guidance to public agencies on using and managing email, texts, instant messaging, social media and other forms of electronic communications.  Survival Strategies for Personal Digital Records provides tips to help individuals  preserve their personal digital records including personal files and digital images.

For more information about celebrating Electronic Records Day go to the Council of State Archivists website, http://www.statearchivists.org/seri/ElectronicRecordsDay.htm.