Dunkle, Murna

Dunkle, Murna (1890-1974)

Little is known about this artist except that she worked for the WPA in 1940-1941and lived in Lime Rock, Connecticut. Dunkle worked on a medium called “transurface” and completed seventeen works in it.

 Sources: WPA Artist’s Work Card; Social Security Death Index

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Murna Dunkle:

Old Barns- New Roofs: transurface
Spring Route- 112: transurface
Winter Waning: transurface
Lion’s Head: transurface
Woodpile and Straw stack: transurface
Cloud Shadows: transurface
Hurrah for the Red White and Blue: transurface
Mechanized: transurface
The Inlet- Lakeville: transurface
Lime Rock Skyline: transurface
Forge Hill: transurface
Swan’s Field Barn: transurface
Twin Lake from Smith Hill: transurface
Swimming in the Housatonic: transurface
Summer Shower: transurface
From Race Mountain: transurface
Winter Landscape: transurface
Dunkle, Murna