Digital Magazine Loan Periods Extended

NLS magazinesIn response to patron demand and the availability of more digital cartridges, the National Library Service (NLS) in February 2015 extended the loan periods for digital magazines on cartridges.  Since the beginning of the digital magazine program many patrons have voiced their dissatisfaction at the rather short loan period allowed by NLS with the basic comment that there wasn’t enough time to read the magazines.  Accordingly, the NLS has instituted new loan periods:

1.  Weekly magazines:  3 weeks. 

2.  Monthly magazines:  7 weeks.  Note:  Monthly magazine cartridges can contain both monthly and weekly magazines.

The NLS allows for 2 additional weeks for cartridge travel time, i.e., one week before the loan period and one week afterwards to account for mailing time.

Also note that all of the other magazine procedures remain in effect, including the suspension of magazine service should cartridges not be returned in time.  Please contact your Reader Advisor if you have any questions or comments.