Corda, Mariano

Corda, Mariano (?)

Little is known about Mariano Corda except that he lived in New Haven, Connecticut when he worked for the WPA from 1938-1939. Corda was known for his woodcarving. He shared a studio on Chapel Street in New Haven with Michele Martino. The two of them worked on the mahogany relief of John Charles McCarty, a deceased superintendent of schools. (See photographs for Michele Martino.) Corda’s dates of birth and death are unknown

Sources: WPA Artist’s Work Card; WPA Federal Arts Project Newsletter (ND).

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Mariano Corda:

J.C. McCarthy: mahogany
Susan Sheridan: mahogany
Theophilus Eaton: mahogany
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Corda, Mariano