Constitutional Amendment Article XXXI

Amendment Article XXXI


Permits registered 17-year-olds to vote in primaries.

HJR 21                     2008

            Senate:            3086-3136

            House:             1164-1205, 2154-2194

            Committee: Government Administration and Elections: 857-884, 926-930, 986, 989-991, 1018-1022, 1024,                    1091, 1094, 1102-1103, 1111-1121, 1153, 1158, 1167-1170

                        Total Pages: 198 pages


Adopted: November 26, 2008 by a popular vote of 900,491 in favor and 508,396 against.


“Voters who can’t participate in the primaries really don’t have much choice as far as who to vote for in the general election. I believe that we earn our right to vote by receiving an education and by accepting the responsibilities of adult American citizens.”


–Dan Halloran, 18-year-old registered voter in the State of Connecticut, testifying in favor of proposed constitutional amendment No. H.J.R. 21 to members of the Government Administration and Elections Committee at a public hearing held on February 29, 2008.