Constitutional Amendment Article XXVI

Amendment Article XXVI


Supreme Court Review timetable extended.

SJR 201                       June Special Session 1990

            Senate:            26-30            

            House:            108-113            

            Committee:     None (emergency certification)

                                                Total Pages: 11  pages


Adopted: November 28, 1990 by a popular vote of 288,609 in favor and 244,964 against.


“a recent New York lawsuit has forced the Commerce Department to announce whether or not they are going to statistically adjust the census data that goes into the reapportionment process. There may be an announcement on July 15th . . . [and] under our current constitutional provisions we would not have enough time to act.”  


–Sen. Cornelius O’Leary speaking to the senate on June 25, 1990 about an amendment which would change Connecticut’s reapportionment timetables in anticipation of the delay which will postpone the release of federal census data from March 1991 to July 1991.


[Connecticut had an August report deadline.] On July 15, 1991, Secretary Mosbacher announced that the 1990 decennial census would not be statistically adjusted. That decision was upheld in federal court, City of New York v. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 822 F. Supp. 906 (E.D.N.Y. 1993).