Constitutional Amendment Article XXV

Amendment Article XXV


Selection, nomination, appointment and removal of judges. Judicial Selection Commission.

SJR 65                        1985

            Senate:            3435-3458, 5184-5187

            House:            11,104-11,111

            Committee:     Judiciary: 1472-1475, 1494-1495, 1523-1524, 1572-1573, 1579-1581

                                                Total Pages: 49 pages


Adopted: November 19, 1986 by a popular vote of 396,555 in favor and 192,180 against.


“A merit selection process will . . . assure the public that the political aspects of judicial appointments will not preclude those who might well be the most qualified candidates for such positions from being appointed to the bench.”


–Excerpt from the testimony of the Connecticut Bar Association submitted to the Judiciary Committee April 1, 1985 for the public hearing on proposed constitutional amendment Senate Joint Resolution No. 65.