Constitutional Amendment Article XXIV

Amendment Article XXIV


Prohibit the use of the party lever in any state or local election.

HJR 9             1985

            Senate:            310-329

            House:            597-691

            Committee:     Government Administration & Elections: 1-24

                                                Total Pages: 139 pages


Adopted: November 19, 1986 by a popular vote of 302,899 in favor and 297,827 against.


“the genius of the party lever was that voters could give a mandate . . . What happens in Washington when you can get a massive landslide for president of one party, and in the Congress, changes practically nil.  It is critically damped.  If one party won the presidency, even Grover Cleveland in the 1880’s, there was a democratic congress elected . . . you had a mandate.  Today that mandate is divided.  We have in fact a deadlock of democracy, nationally.  Connecticut is not there yet.  If we adopt this, we will move further in that direction.”


–Rep. Cunningham speaking on the floor of the Connecticut House of Representatives against eliminating the party lever.