Constitutional Amendment Article XXIII

Amendment Article XXIII


Appointment of state’s attorneys by a criminal justice commission.

HJR 35                       1984

            Senate:             3279-3286

            House:            1945-1946, 4308-4322

            Committee:     Judiciary: 361-368, 383-388, 393, 407, 805

                                                Total Pages: 42  pages


Adopted: November 28, 1984 by a popular vote of 554,953 in favor and 208,631 against.


“the  power to appoint state prosecutors should not be vested in the same judges before whom those prosecutors practice.  That system has created the appearance of a conflict of interest.”


–Joseph Lieberman, Attorney General of the State of Connecticut, testifying at a Judiciary committee public hearing held on March 5, 1984 in support of proposed constitutional amendment H.J.R. No. 35 which will provide for a commission to appoint prosecutors.