Constitutional Amendment Article XXII

Amendment Article XXII


When to succeed and act as governor. 

HJR 3              1984

            Senate: 3255-3256

            House:  1942, 3954-3959

            Committee: Interim Judiciary: 729-739

                                                Total Pages: 20  pages


Adopted: November 28, 1984 by a popular vote of  713,791 in favor and 95,116 against.


“ In the case of Governor Grasso’s illness . . . we were protected from a crisis . . . as a result of her own public spiritedness and her recognition of the moment when, sadly, she was forced to tender her resignation . . . the lingering illness of President Woodrow Wilson is a classic historic example where an individual apparently was unable to exercise the duties . . . and yet was unwilling to relinquish the authority.” 


–Attorney General Joseph Lieberman testifying at an interim Judiciary committee public hearing on January 30, 1984 to explain an amendment which will provide for gubernatorial succession.