Constitutional Amendment Article XXI

Amendment Article XXI


Disability discrimination.

HJR 47           1983

            Senate:            1049-1050, 3163-3175

            House:            1588, 3970-3999

            Committee:     Judiciary: 915-936, 997, 1059, 1067-1069

                                                            Total Pages: 73  pages


Adopted: November 28, 1984 by a popular vote of 637,754 in favor and 180,955 against.


“All we’re talking about with HJR 47 is the extension of fundamental rights in the constitution to handicapped people.  We’re not asking for preferential treatment, we’re not asking for special considerations, we’re asking to be treated just like everybody else is treated. . . . Let’s make sure that we protect for all time the rights of handicapped people.”


–Former Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives Ernest Abate testifying in favor of a proposed constitutional amendment at a Judiciary Committee public hearing held on March 18, 1983.