Constitutional Amendment Article XVII

Amendment Article XVII


Grand jury for capital offenses.

HJR 36           1981

            Senate:            619, 3799-3801

            House:             1085, 3141-3152

            Committee:     Judiciary: 369-370

                                                Total Pages: 19  pages


Adopted: November 24, 1982 by a popular vote of 437,231 in favor and 157,080 against.


“This would protect those accused from arbitrary or unjustified use of the grand jury.  And those who know how a grand jury system works, know the abuses that are inherent to it and this would be a better process . . . if you want to see justice done.”


–Rep. Onorato speaking to the house on April 28, 1981 to explain that proposed constitutional amendment H.J.R. No. 36 will substitute a probable cause hearing for a grand jury indictment in capital cases.